Have you ever been called or have you ever considered yourself a Church Girl or a woman of God?

Your life is not quite where you would like it to be, but you constantly feel yourself pulled towards a godly standard of living. Maybe you’re a father, husband or brother to a Church Girl and you’re looking for advice on how to guide them as they handle some of their problems.  You’ve just picked up the right book!


Jenna-Leigh Bilong embodies the Church Girl… next door.

Join her and others on a fascinating journey of discovering your uniqueness in Christ.

Come to know why you have always felt different.  Like somehow, through it all and despite your mistakes, you are special. Meant for more.  And that, after all, there IS a Someone and a Reason.

At the bakery, in the boardroom, mopping the floor. Single, married, fifteen or fifty.

This is a book for the twenty-first century Church Girl and all her friends, in all their glory. And for all her foes, who don’t know her story.