Jenna-Leigh Bilong is a pastor, successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, national TV-news anchor, Christian radio presenter, first lady, author, public speaker and a psalmist at Grace Court Impact Centre.

Known for her humorous, inspirational and insightful talks across her own country, South Africa and other parts of the African continent, this is her first work in English.  Previously she has written the inspiring, true account of her life and testimony, from rags to riches. From the dusty streets of a South African slum or squatter camp, onto the TV screens and into the hearts of millions of South African viewers, as well as onto the pulpit of her and her husband, Bishop Ed Bilong’s flourishing church in Newlands, Johannesburg, South Africa.

God has both called and uniquely equipped her to give a voice to that which lives in His own heart and the hearts of His end-time daughters. His Church Girls. In her own words it is a book that she both wrote, has lived, and continues to live herself.